April 11 - TIM Minutes

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    Technical Interchange Meeting Minutes


    Thursday, 11 April 2013


    • Dr. Samuel Kuna, Chief, Sleep Medicine Section, Philadelphia VA Medical Center
    • Dr. Carl Stepnowsky, Research Health Scientist at VA San Diego Healthcare System
    • Ms. Ellen S. Fritch, Research Coordinator, Sleep Medicine, Philadelphia VA Medical Center
    • Mr. Blake Henderson, REVAMP Project Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR)
    • Mr. Rafael Morales, Intellica Project Manager
    • Mr. David Santana, Intellica Web Developer
    • Ms. Marisol Smith, Intellica Quality Assurance
    • Mr. Craig Rebo, Intellica Principal Software Engineer

    The primary objectives of this meeting were to discuss the new features being added to the application and the documentation for the final prototype.

    Teleconference – 3:00 PM Eastern Time

    Topics Covered:

    Status of Application

    1. The two new features being added to the application are almost done.

    2. Intellica asked about the status of the request to move the delivery of these features to 18 April 2013. VA approved request.

    3. The Technical Manual, Source Code, and Readiness Report will be turned in when the application has been completed.

    4. VA mentioned there is a milestone coming up in June. Dr. Kuna and Dr. Stepnowsky will demo the application in front of an important audience. VA wanted to verify if there are any concerns about the application being ready for the demo.

    a. Intellica is planning on having the features ready for training users Thursday of next week (18 April 2013).

    b. The only concern Intellica has at the moment is not getting the database set up in the Sandbox on time.

    Subjective Note Auto-population

    1. Mr. Santana explained the process of creating and populating an encounter.

    2. A new screen was added where the Provider can review the questionnaires that have been completed and see a list of questionnaires that have not been completed.

    3. The new screen:

    a. Allows Providers to tie the questionnaires to the correct note

    b. Gives the Provider the opportunity to review the data that will be included in the note that is being created by the Provider

    4. The User has to place a checkmark by each questionnaire to attach it, but he/she does not have to read the whole questionnaire.

    5. VA mentioned it will be nice to be able to see if a patient has not completed all questionnaires; which ones they are missing.

    6. When the User selects a template the system will pull the data for that note.

    7. A sample populated note was presented.

    8. Dr. Kuna requested that the Epworth questionnaire have the results presented in a formatting similar to the following below, where the first column includes the numerical value of the patient selection.

    0 Sitting and reading

    3 Watching TV

    1 Sitting inactive in a public place

    2 As a passenger in a car sitting inactive

    9. The Symptoms Follow Up questionnaire should stay with text instead of numbers because providers aren’t as familiar with the numbers for this questionnaire.

    10. The variables in the application are designed to show a blank space with a line underneath i.e. __________ when the data is not available.

    a. This will allow the provider to know if any data is missing.

    b. The provider can manually enter the data in these areas.

    MDWS/TIU Integration: Connecting and bringing information from MDWS

    1. In order to run the TIU note the User has to look up a patient in MDWS.

    2. There is no data to pull from MDWS for a sleep specialist. Intellica wanted to know if, by default, it is ok to put the Provider that adding the patient as the sleep specialist.

    a. This process will only happen the first time the patient is brought from MDWS.

    b. If desired, the sleep specialist can be changed in the patient demographics screen.

    3. VA approved of this method of initially setting the sleep specialist.

    4. VA brought up that several providers may write notes for the same patient.

    5. Intellica explained that more than one provider can take part of, and document, the patient’s treatment but the patient account is going to be associated with one provider.

    6. The Provider accounts will be associated with MDWS by entering the MDWS credentials in the change password screen.

    a. The Provider will only have to do this once to link the accounts, as the credentials will be saved as encrypted data associated to the account.

    b. The only time the Provider will have to enter the information again is if the credentials on CPRS change (e.g. password expires and has been reset, etc.)

    7. The first time the User looks up a patient it will be a little slower because it has to connect to MDWS.

    8. When connected to MDWS, Users will no longer have the screen to enter a new patient. The patients can only be inserted from MDWS. VA approved.

    9. The User will look up the patient using the look up dialog (by LSSN or Last Name). The User ID (related to Analytic Tool) will only look in the REVAMP database.

    10. The first time a patient is looked up, the name, last name, SSN, DOB, and gender will be pulled from MDWS and saved onto the patient’s demographics.

    a. It would be helpful to pull down contact information also, if available on CPRS.

    b. Mr. Rebo is going to look into what data from the REVAMP demographics page is available on CPRS.

    11. If the application is not going to be connected to MDWS the User be able to create patients locally instead.

    12. The first screen that will show up after looking up a new patient is the encounter screen.

    MDWS/TIU Integration: TIU Note

    1. A ‘Write TIU’ tab will be added to the SOAP note area.

    2. The User will select:

    a. CPRS note title

    b. CPRS clinic

    3. The TIU note will combine the text in the Subjective, Objective, and Assessment/Plan tabs. VA agreed with this content.

    4. The note will be added as a historical note in CPRS.

    5. Once the note gets to CPRS it cannot be modified.

    6. Intellica asked if VA would like:

    a. To require for the note to be locked in order to send the TIU note and/or

    b. To have a message pop up to warn the User that they need to verify that the note is complete before sending it to CPRS.

    7. VA stated the TIU note is a very important asset.


    1. Next week Intellica will train VA on new functionality.

    2. There is still time available for training. VA can let Intellica know if they are interested in any more training in a specific area or for other personnel.

    Discussion of Action Items

    VA Action Items

    1. Dr. Kuna can email Intellica a sample of what he wants the Epworth questionnaire to look like in the note (if different than sample included above in minutes).

    2. VA will think about how to remind User that the note has to be complete before sending the TIU note:

    a. Require for the note to be locked in order to send the TIU note and/or

    b. Have a message pop up to warn the User that they need to verify that the note is complete before sending it to CPRS.

    Intellica Action Items

    1. Mr. Rebo is going to look into what data from the REVAMP demographics page is available on CPRS.

    Meeting Concluded – 4:00 PM Eastern Time


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