May 23 - TIM Minutes

    Download file "32 - REVAMP Technical Interchange Meeting Minutes -23 May 2013.pdf"

    Technical Interchange Meeting Minutes


    Thursday, 23 May 2013


    • Dr. Samuel Kuna, Chief, Sleep Medicine Section, Philadelphia VA Medical Center
    • Dr. Carl Stepnowsky, Research Health Scientist at VA San Diego Healthcare System
    • Dr. Barry Fields, Senior Sleep Medicine Fellow at University of Pennsylvania
    • Dr. Aileen Love, Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Division, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
    • Mr. Blake Henderson, REVAMP Project Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR)
    • Mr. Jose Lago, Intellica CEO
    • Mr. Rafael Morales, Intellica Project Manager
    • Mr. David Santana, Intellica Web Developer
    • Mrs. Marisol Smith, Intellica Quality Assurance
    • Mr. Ayaz Dhuka

    The primary objectives of this meeting were to discuss feedback from the application and open action items.

    Teleconference – 3:00 PM Eastern Time

    Topics Covered:

    Status of Application

    1. Feedback from VA was provided concerning application utilization

    a. Users using Win 7 with no problems

    2. Data syncing requires PC Care Online Account.

    3. REVAMP is not set up to display Height & Weight in Provider Portal.

    a. Data is used for MAP questionnaire score

    b. Provider Portal does display BMI based on height and weight.

    4. Dr. Stepnowsky’s feedback about the Height & Weight section will be considered for now to be a potential enhancement.

    5. Mr. Lago offers to create Demo site of REVAMP.

    a. Demo site will not use TIU notes

    b. VA must notify Intellica prior to using Demo Site, in order to ensure the Demo site is ready to be demoed.

    6. Intellica will continue to monitor Phillips data to ensure data syncing

    7. Open Action Items

    a. Sand Box environment

    i. Database loaded

    ii. Mr. Rebo now working on web server for the Sandbox

    b. SSL Certification

    i. Configuration expected to be completed in the next two weeks.

    c. Demographics data needed for MDWS

    i. VA unsure how to enter demographic data manually, Mr. Craig Rebo may enter data as long access and instructions on how to do it

    ii. Mrs. Smith will work with Mr. Rebo to create a list data that may or may not be pulled from CPRS.

    d. Initial Progress Note Template

    i. Template will be completed by end of the week and will ready to be presented at the next meeting.

    Discussion of Action Items

    VA Action Items

    1. Demographics data needed for MDWS (ticket #2044)

    2. Provide further feedback on application.

    Intellica Action Items

    1. Mr. Mata will update VA on status of SSL Certificate June 6, 2013

    2. Mrs. Smith will provide login information to Dr. Stepnowsky

    3. Mrs. Smith will collaborate with Mr. Rebo to create a list of data that may or may not be pulled from CPRS.

    4. Mrs. Smith will check with RESMED to verify how the accounts are setup

    5. Mrs. Smith will update VA on when the ResMed data will be updated/ synced.

    Meeting Concluded – 3:32 PM Eastern Time


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