Aug 22 - TIM Minutes

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    Technical Interchange Meeting Minutes


    Thursday, 22 August 2013


    • Dr. Samuel Kuna, Chief, Sleep Medicine Section, Philadelphia VA Medical Center
    • Dr. Carl Stepnowsky, Research Health Scientist at VA San Diego Healthcare System
    • Dr. Aileen Love, Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Division, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
    • Dr. Barry Fields, Senior Sleep Medicine Fellow at University of Pennsylvania
    • Ms. Carolina Smales, Healthcare Research Scientist, Project Manager, VA San Diego Healthcare System
    • Mr. Blake Henderson, REVAMP Project Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR)
    • Mr. Rafa Morales, Intellica Project Manager
    • Ms. Marisol Smith, Intellica Quality Assurance
    • Mr. Ayaz Dhuka, Intellica Corporation

    The primary objectives of this meeting were to discuss feedback from the application and end of project.

    Teleconference – 3:00 PM Eastern Time

    Topics Covered:

    Status of Application

    1. Feedback Philadelphia

    a. Clinic had 16 patients enrolled.

    i. 2 – Canceled due not completing the questionnaires

    ii. 9 – Confirmed to have logged in

    iii. 8 – Completed Questionnaires

    iv. 7 – With associated monitors

    v. 3 – Returned monitors

    b. Both VA and Patients showing high positive feedback with the application.

    i. Ease of use by patients

    ii. More thorough information for doctors

    c. VA working on a creating a Contact Log to analyze percent of population with internet access and percent of population interested in participating in REVAMP

    d. Potential Issue

    i. Two patients scored a 24 on the CESD questionnaire, which seems high. Intellica will look into it.

    e. Feedback on Past methods VS REVAMP

    i. Revamp method provides more extensive information, as well as, performs auto scoring which increases accuracy and prevents human error.

    2. Feedback San Diego

    a. Assessing public interest in REVAMP

    i. Taking a different approach while awaiting ISO approval

    ii. Created “Interest Form” to hand out to potential patients (CPAP users or Patients recently diagnosed with Sleep Apnea)

    iii. Active recruiting last week brought in 7 interested patients

    iv. Planning providing a “feedback questionnaire” after one week to patients

    v. Will share forms with group

    3. REVAMP Security

    a. VA ISO Team questions about Revamp Security.

    i. IP Logging?

    ii. Application security?

    b. Intellica informed VA that prior to launch Intellica performed security testing on the application along standards specified in the contract.

    c. Intellica sent Mr. Henderson a report of the System Security Plan (SSP) preformed back in March 28, 2013.

    d. Intellica will upload the System Security Plan to the Wiki.

    e. Intellica may assist the VA in a call about security questions or issues.

    4. Email Issues Follow Up

    a. Dr. Kuna – Issue with extra decimals solved (decimals removed)

    b. Dr. Kuna – CPRS not compatible with “lines”; Intellica will replace the “lines” with another item.

    c. Dr. Stepnowsky – Video issues – Videos not completely supported on IE8

    d. Dr. Stepnowsky – Mock user error in Smoking and Alcohol questionnaire – Could be an IE8 problem, Intellica could not replicate that issue.

    e. User login/password to be case-sensitive.

    i. The User Name for patients logging on is not case sensitive, but the User Name for patients changing the password using the security questions is case sensitive.*

    ii. Intellica is looking into security requirements to ensure to continue to follow these, but also offer consistency to the patients with regards to case sensitivity in User Names.

    *Clarification post meeting: The application currently changes User Names to completely lower case when saving a new account, thus Users have to enter them completely lower case when field is case sensitive.

    5. Hosting Transition

    a. Intellica will implement a Software Installation Plan

    i. Software and hardware requirements

    ii. Installation instructions

    b. Date of transition depends on which method VA wants to take (immediate transition or have Intellica continue to host the application for 4-6 more months)

    c. Mr. Henderson will check to see if there are any VA Software installation plan requirements

    d. Mr. Lago will create a quote for the VA for 6 months of hosting for the application (including monthly meetings).

    6. Project Final Report

    a. VA will consider Hosting quote, deliverables, etc in order to determine when the Final Report will be due.

    7. Potential Funding Source

    a. Dr. Stepnowsky is looking into a PCORI Patient Powered Group grant which was submitted earlier this week. REVAMP may be a good platform for this.

    b. Dr. Stepnowsky is also looking at a National Research Network grant for which REVAMP may be a good platform for.

    i. Dr. Stepnowsky will look into grant requirements such as application enrollment size required for the grant

    c. Dr. Stepnowsky is interested in setting up a meeting with Intellica to further discuss this opportunity. Preferably next Thursday at 3PM (EST).

    8. Next meeting will be in two weeks, Thursday 5 September 2013.

    Discussion of Action Items

    VA Action Items

    1. Dr. Kuna will review the requirements of the final report to ensure they are properly in sync with the current requirements of the VA.

    2. Mr. Henderson will look into a contract mod to extend the time Intellica hosts the application.

    3. Mr. Henderson will look to see if there are any VA Software Installation Plan.

    Intellica Action Items

    1. Mr. Morales will setup a meeting with Dr. Stepnowsky, next Thursday at 3pm EST.

    2. Mr. Morales will follow up on letting VA know what transition from Intellica hosting to VA hosting would look like and provide a quote

    3. Mrs. Smith will look into the CESD questionnaire calculations to ensure the questionnaire is calculating the proper score.

    Meeting Concluded – 3:47 PM Eastern Time


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