Aug 8 - TIM Minutes

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    Technical Interchange Meeting Minutes


    Thursday, 8 August 2013


    • Dr. Samuel Kuna, Chief, Sleep Medicine Section, Philadelphia VA Medical Center
    • Dr. Carl Stepnowsky, Research Health Scientist at VA San Diego Healthcare System
    • Dr. Aileen Love, Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Division, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
    • Dr. Barry Fields, Senior Sleep Medicine Fellow at University of Pennsylvania
    • Mr. Blake Henderson, REVAMP Project Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR)
    • Mr. Jose Lago, Intellica President/CEO
    • Mrs. Marisol Smith, Intellica Quality Assurance
    • Mr. Ayaz Dhuka, Intellica Corporation

    The primary objectives of this meeting were to discuss feedback from the application and final report.

    Teleconference – 3:00 PM Eastern Time

    Topics Covered:

    Status of Application

    1. Feedback Philadelphia

    a. Clinic is still trying to encourage the three patients that were initially enrolled to fill out the questionnaires.

    b. Six new patients have been enrolled. These patients will not be given the sleep study monitor until they fill out and were given two weeks to complete the questionnaires.

    i. Two of the six new patients have already filled out the questionnaires and have reported not having any issues responding to the questionnaires.

    ii. One patient has logged on to REVAMP, but has not filled out questionnaires. The other three have not logged on to set up their account.

    2. Feedback San Diego

    a. Three patients have been referred to the program. Two of these have not responded and one is going back and forth with the clinic.

    3. Clearing Data

    a. Dr. Kuna asked if it was possible to remove mock patients from clinic.

    b. Intellica can remove the patients or move them to the Demo clinic if provided with the names of the mock patients.

    c. Mrs. Smith will email Dr. Kuna instructions how to move the patients to a different clinic.

    4. Analytic Tool

    a. Tool has not been used that much yet, but could provide good information.

    b. Mrs. Smith will send out email to Dr. Kuna with Analytic Tool manual.

    5. Adherence Study

    a. Dr. Kuna is involved with another study in which patients are divided into 3 groups:

    i. Patients with Usual Care

    ii. Patients with Access to Web Site with their data

    iii. Patients with Access to Web Site with their data and Financial Incentive ($30 per night of at least 4 hr use for first week of treatment).

    b. Results are not complete yet, but two groups are definitely higher. It was a three month study. There was a gradual decline as the three months passed, but the drop was parallel. The differences between the three were still noticeable as the usage declined.

    6. Project Final Report/ Transition

    a. The original concept was for Intellica to be aggregators of data.

    b. There is currently not enough data for report.

    c. VA will work with Intellica regarding the content of the final report. Topic will be discussed again in next meeting (August 22).

    d. Intellica is willing to keep REVAMP up for another 6 months to allow VA to collect enough data.

    i. Mr. Henderson will look into a contract mod. to extend the time Intellica hosts the application.

    e. It was agreed that getting ten patients at each site would be a good sample population. Three month participation would be the goal, but one month would be acceptable if not.

    f. Mr. Henderson requested for Intellica to explain what it would look like for Intellica to transfer hosting to VA in September. Mrs. Smith will follow up on this.

    7. SSL

    a. Dr. Kuna is still getting the security message when logging onto the site.

    b. It was suggested he clear his cache.

    i. Mrs. Smith will email the instructions for clearing cache.

    8. Potential Funding Source

    a. Dr. Stepnowsky is looking into a PCORI Patient Powered Group grant. REVAMP may be a good platform for this.

    b. Topic will be further discussed in August 22 meeting.

    c. Dr. Stepnowsky sent RFA and town hall slides after meeting.

    9. Next meeting will be in two weeks, Thursday 22 August 2013.

    Discussion of Action Items

    VA Action Items

    1. Dr. Kuna will review the requirements of the final report to ensure they are properly in sync with the current requirements of the VA.

    2. Mr. Henderson will look into a contract mod. to extend the time Intellica hosts the application.

    Intellica Action Items

    1. Mrs. Smith will email Dr. Kuna instructions how to move the patients to a different clinic.

    2. Mrs. Smith will send out email to Dr. Kuna with Analytic Tool manual.

    3. Mrs. Smith will email Dr. Kuna contract information.

    4. Mrs. Smith will follow up on letting VA know what transition from Intellica hosting to VA hosting would look like.

    5. Mrs. Smith will email the instructions for clearing cache.

    Meeting Concluded – 3:47 PM Eastern Time.


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