Jan 10 - TIM Minutes

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    Technical Interchange Meeting Minutes

    Thursday, 10 January 2013


    • Dr. Samuel Kuna, Chief, Sleep Medicine Section, Philadelphia VA Medical Center
    • Dr. Carl Stepnowsky, Research Health Scientist at VA San Diego Healthcare System
    • Dr. Barry Fields, Senior Sleep Medicine fellow at University of Pennsylvania
    • Ms. Ellen S. Fritch, Research Coordinator, Sleep Medicine, Philadelphia VA Medical Center
    • Dr. Aileen Love, Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Division, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
    • Mr. Blake Henderson, REVAMP Project Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR)
    • Mr. Jeff Fisher, Intellica COO
    • Mr. David Santana, Intellica Web Developer
    • Ms. Marisol Smith, Quality Assurance
    • Mr. Craig Rebo, Intellica Principal Software Engineer
    • Mr. Rafael Morales, Intellica Project Manager

    The primary objective of this meeting was to conduct a manual demonstration of what will be an automated process for the transfer of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine data from Philips and ResMed to Intellica Corporation for the Remote Veterans Apnea Management Portal (REVAMP) application. The other objective was to discuss the Sprint Process for the remaining weeks of application development to include expectations, roles and responsibilities.

    Teleconference – 3:00 Eastern Time

    Topics Covered:

    REVAMP Application items accomplished to date

    · 99% Demographics Page

    · 99% Treatment Tree

    · 99% Encounter / Progress notes

    · 99% Graphic HUB completed showing

    · 99% Machine data import process

    · 99% Diagnosis List

    · 99% Content Management

    · 99% Secure messaging

    · 99% Patient questionnaires

    · 99% Administration Screen

    · 99% Patient Portal (new questionnaires)

    · 99% Patient Notifications

    · 99% Questionnaire welcome text banner for each follow-up type

    · 99% CSV of questionnaire data

    · 99% System Development

    Agenda Items


    1. Prior to the demonstration, Mr. Craig Rebo showed a data flow diagram and discussed the flow of data (CSV files) between Philips and ResMed to Intellica Corporation.

    2. Mr. Rebo showed that the Oracle database did not contain the patient’s CPAP data.

    3. For each scenario, Mr. Rebo demonstrated data imported for a patient without a machine assigned to them and subsequently assigned, as well as a patient with a machine already assigned.

    4. Mr. Rebo showed the newly added files in the Oracle database, as well as the CPAP machine serial numbers that were not previously listed.

    5. CPAP machine data graphs were shown. Dr. Kuna asked if the graphs would condense as days/data is added allowing all to be seen in one view. Mr. Santana said that it will work in that manner.

    6. Dr. Stepnowsky brought up the fact that the y-axis labels are not represented / labeled accurately. This is now an action item for Dr. Kuna and Mr. Santana.

    7. Mr. Rebo demonstrated that errors are handled and that they are placed in an error file for analysis.

    a. Dr. Stepnowsky asked what type of errors could be expected and Mr. Rebo stated that they would most likely be errors with moving the data into the Oracle database or just bad data.

    b. Dr. Stepnowsky asked if there is a way to troubleshoot wireless transmission issues and he was told that it was not possible.

    c. Mr. Rebo stated that it would be possible to run a manual query against a device that is assigned to a patient to see if their data is available.

    8. Dr. Stepnowsky asked about the intervals or timing the application will use to query Philips and ResMed data. Mr. Rebo stated that it can be set to the value that the VA determines. However, it was suggested that once or twice a day would suffice.

    9. Dr. Kuna would like to conduct Alpha Testing with real, de-identified patients.


    1. Mr. Henderson asked that all parties develop and agree on a structure for the upcoming Sprints to ensure that what is expected is reasonable, deliverable and within the scope of the contract.

    a. Mr. Henderson asked Dr. Kuna and Dr. Stepnowsky to take the lead / ownership for items on the upcoming Sprints.

    b. VA users are to coordinate any application issues with Dr. Kuna and Dr. Stepnowsky

    2. Release 2 was done on Tuesday, 8 January. Intellica is now responding to feedback for Release 3 which is due on 24 January.


    1. Training will continue next week.

    2. The next meeting will be on 17 January.

    a. The prototype deployment and training will be discussed as well as any issues that have risen once the VA users have been further exposed to the application.

    Discussion of Action Items

    VA Action Items

    1. Dr. Kuna is to provide the y-values for the CPAP machine data graphs to Mr. David Santana.

    2. VA participants need to get their training time preferences to Dr. Kuna for the coming week of training.

    3. Not discussed in the meeting – Intellica needs the VA Clinic IP addresses in order to filter the VA-facing application in the firewall.

    Intellica Action Items

    1. Server plan for Alpha Test with real patients.

    2. Conduct training sessions.

    3. Deliver the next prototype drop on 24 January 2013.

    Meeting Concluded – 4:02 Eastern Time


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