Jan 17 - TIM Minutes

Download file "17 - REVAMP Technical Interchange Meeting Minutes - 17 January 2013.pdf"

Technical Interchange Meeting Minutes

Thursday, 17 January 2013


  • Dr. Samuel Kuna, Chief, Sleep Medicine Section, Philadelphia VA Medical Center
  • Dr. Carl Stepnowsky, Research Health Scientist at VA San Diego Healthcare System
  • Dr. Barry Fields, Senior Sleep Medicine fellow at University of Pennsylvania
  • Ms. Ellen S. Fritch, Research Coordinator, Sleep Medicine, Philadelphia VA Medical Center
  • Dr. Aileen Love, Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Division, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
  • Mr. Blake Henderson, REVAMP Project Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR)
  • Mr. Jeff Fisher, Intellica COO
  • Mr. David Santana, Intellica Web Developer
  • Ms. Marisol Smith, Quality Assurance

The primary objective of this meeting was to address a compatibility issue with the application and to review the feedback given by the VA regarding the application questionnaires.

Teleconference – 3:00 Eastern Time

Topics Covered:

Status of Application:

General application feedback currently in sprint log is being worked on and will be included in Prototype 3, to be delivered on January 24.

Questionnaire feedback will be worked on during the next sprint and will be included in Prototype 4, to be delivered on February 7.

Alpha Testing Planning:

1. Intellica is working on setting up the server for live patient data.

2. Intellica has been communicating back and forth with Philips regarding the document they sent for Intellica to fill out.

3. There are two VA Encore Anywhere accounts with Philips:

a. One account is being set up for the REVAMP project.

b. One account is currently holding patient information from Philadelphia VA Medical Center.

i. Philips sent Dr. Kuna a document to be filled out to permit them to send CPAP data from this account to Intellica (to allow for testing with realistic data).

ii. There is one portion of the document that needs to be filled out by Intellica.

iii. Intellica is waiting to finalize the server details to be able to send the information on the form.

iv. Intellica will let Dr. Kuna know when everything is finalized and the paperwork is done.

Browser Compatibility:

1. IE7 is an older browser and will not be compatible with the application if we want to include certain functionalities in the application.

2. During training the application functioned for people without IE7, but there were several issues for people with IE7.

3. It was agreed upon that the next step would be to request for the browsers to be upgraded to newer browsers.

a. Dr. Kuna will contact the IT people and request that the Philadelphia Sleep Center browsers be updated to Google Chrome if possible. If not it would be good to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8.

4. Browser compatibility for patients was discussed.

a. Would it be possible to check patient’s browser automatically and let the patient’s know if they would need to update their browser?

b. Could a question regarding the browser be added during the eligibility process?

c. System requirements should be published on the home page.

Questionnaire Feedback

1. Intellica appreciates the feedback and thinks the feedback is very good and makes sense.

2. The Height and Weight questions are in the Veteran-facing portal ‘Questionnaire’ page because this information is needed for the MAP questionnaire scoring.

3. When the patient saves the height and weight, the controls will go away and the data will be displayed with an edit button. The user can make changed by clicking the edit button to have the controls reappear.

4. The Provider can currently view the patient’s BMI in the progress note section.

a. Intellica will add weight and height to the progress note section.

5. When all the questionnaires have been updated, the layout, spacing, font etc. will be updated.

6. Initial Information questionnaire:

a. VA requested to change the word unemployed to employed in a question because the term unemployed has a negative connotation.

b. Intellica explained the thought process behind the question.

c. In the tobacco section of the questionnaire Intellica will add questions about smokeless tobacco.

7. MAP questionnaire:

a. On the MAP there are currently more questions than necessary for scoring.

b. Dr. Kuna will email Mr. Lago and let him know which questions to include and which ones to remove from the questionnaire.

8. Insomnia Severity Index questionnaire:

a. Intellica will add spaces next to the numbers without text so the patient can click on the space to make a selection.

9. PSQI questionnaire:

a. Leaving the time field open could allow for potential errors.

b. Intellica can change the field to include one 2 character hour field and one 2 character minute field that only allow numbers.

10. Sleep Apnea Index questionnaire:

a. Currently patients can select more than 5 items from the list.

b. Mr. Lago and Dr. Stepnowsky will talk about how this questionnaire can be designed.

11. Mrs. Smith will email Dr. Kuna the Questionnaire feedback document with the responses that have been discussed.

12. The questionnaires will be updated and included in the Feb. 7 prototype.

Populating SOAP note with patient

1. Intellica would need the timeline extended in order to add the extra functionality of having the SOAP note populate with data from the questionnaires.

2. VA believes it would be very advantageous to include this feature.

a. It would save time for providers.

b. It would improve accuracy.

3. Intellica can add this feature but would need VA to agree to extra time.

a. The study can be started as scheduled without the note auto-populating feature and then the feature can be added 1 month into the study.

b. VA agreed that this could be done, if it was no cost.

4. VA requested that Mr. Lago or Mr. Fisher send Mr. Henderson a quick write up of what they would need.

Discussion of Action Items

VA Action Items

1. Dr. Kuna: Contact the IT department to request that the Philadelphia Sleep Center browsers be updated to Google Chrome if possible. If not it would be good to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8.

2. Dr. Kuna: Email Mr. Lago to let him know which MAP questions to include in questionnaire.

Intellica Action Items

1. Let Dr. Kuna know when Philips paperwork for retrieving data is finalized.

2. Mrs. Smith: Incorporate questionnaire feedback into sprint log.

3. Mrs. Smith: Email Dr. Kuna the Questionnaire feedback document with the responses that have been discussed.

4. Mr. Lago or Mr. Fisher: Send Mr. Henderson a quick write up of what would be needed to add the extra functionality of auto-populating the note.

Meeting Concluded – 4:05 Eastern Time


Bill Cerniuk
Jan 19, 2013

Great meeting minutes. Would suggest that rather than IE 8 (one of the worst releases of IE according to industry) recommend IE 9 which is being rolled out nationally with Windows 7. IE suffers from style sheet problems in general which causes a great deal of work around code in web pages. IE 9 is a large advance in the right direction to standards compliance over all older versions. IE 10 (current IE) has even better conformance to standards. Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox are all easily more technically advanced in standards support (including and especially HTML 5) so the only real concern is if the user is on IE.

Be aware that IE 9 is also available via the Citrix Access Gateway (CAG). We are anticipating updating the wiki system to a much more advanced version and it also requires IE 9 for the same reasons.

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