Feb 28 - TIM Minutes

    Download file "23 - REVAMP Technical Interchange Meeting Minutes - 28 February 2013.pdf"

    Technical Interchange Meeting Minutes


    Thursday, 28 February 2013


    • Dr. Samuel Kuna, Chief, Sleep Medicine Section, Philadelphia VA Medical Center
    • Dr. Carl Stepnowsky, Research Health Scientist at VA San Diego Healthcare System
    • Dr. Barry Fields, Senior Sleep Medicine fellow at University of Pennsylvania
    • Ms. Ellen S. Fritch, Research Coordinator, Sleep Medicine, Philadelphia VA Medical Center
    • Dr. Aileen Love, Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Division, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
    • Mr. Blake Henderson, REVAMP Project Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR)
    • Mr. Jeff Fisher, Intellica COO
    • Mr. David Santana, Intellica Web Developer
    • Ms. Marisol Smith, Intellica Quality Assurance

    The primary objective of this meeting was to discuss the feedback document provided by

    Dr. Kuna.

    Teleconference – 3:00 PM Eastern Time

    Topics Covered:

    Status of Application

    Intellica is completing the User Stories for Prototype 6, along with correcting bugs identified during the testing cycle.

    Prototype 6

    1. Ms. Smith went over the User Stories associated with Prototype 6.

    2. Ms. Smith reviewed the TPID’s from the 18 February document along with Dr. Kuna’s feedback from the document that he returned earlier in the week.

    Note Tab Removal

    1. Dr. Kuna wants everything on one page. Eliminating the Note Tab will force the user to write out a diagnosis. Dr. Kuna stated that he does not have a problem with this type of configuration.

    2. Intellica will continue looking into whether this is a possibility with the current configuration of the application.

    My HealtheVet

    1. It was noted that the REVAMP application does not have the functionality to interact with My HealtheVet.

    Event Tab

    1. Assessments are assigned as a group or as an individual assessment.

    a. Dates are assigned in the Event Tab.

    2. For the follow-up questionnaires, the reminder to accomplish the assigned questionnaires is set to three (3) days prior.

    a. Dr. Kuna and Dr. Stepnowsky discussed what would be the optimum reminder in days prior as well as a past due reminder.

    b. It was settled upon as a three (3) and one (1) day reminder prior to the due date and a two (2) day past due reminder if the patient fails to complete his or her assigned assessments. **This is only if possible, and it may not be possible due to time constraints.

    3. Dr. Kuna suggested adding text stating that once the assessments are completed, the patient cannot change his or her response.

    4. Dr. wants ‘Baseline Questionnaire’ to ‘Initial Evaluation’.

    5. A message telling the patient about the required video viewing will pop up once the assessments are completed.

    Sleep Apnea Quality of Life Index (SAQLI)

    1. The document provided by Dr. Kuna with the desired layout and functionality was discussed.

    2. It was noted that the bottom part of the Sleep Apnea Quality of Life Index (SAQLI) is missing.

    3. This portion can be viewed in the Follow-up SAQLI that is currently on the website.

    4. Intellica needs a document with the entire desired layout and functionality in order to be able to proceed with creating the questionnaire that will satisfy the VA’s needs.

    Treatment Related Symptoms

    1. Dr. Stepnowsky discussed the slider sensitivity noting that a combo box is also available but suggested the possibility of adding sensitivity to the slider, allowing for fractions (decimals) to be selected and adding fractions to the combo box choices also, as opposed to integers only.


    1. Ms. Smith demonstrated a template feature and stated that more tags will be added to the template function.

    Live Data

    1. Intellica has been coordinating with Philips and ResMed regarding data transfer and file structures. Philips is coordinating within and resolving their file formatting errors. We are close to resolving all issues with both data sources.

    2. Intellica will include Dr. Kuna in all communications with Philips and ResMed.

    3. Intellica requested that the VA let them know when they would like to ‘Go Live’ so that Intellica can make sure to start collecting data in the Analytic tool for the final report.

    CPAP Machines

    1. Dr. Kuna informed Intellica that the VA does not allow for the recycling of CPAP machines from patient to patient. Each patient gets a fresh machine. Therefore, the building up of a data set of CPAP machine serial numbers is unnecessary. Intellica will restructure this feature.

    Discussion of Action Items

    VA Action Items

    1. Submit to Intellica detailed Sleep Apnea Quality of Life Index (SAQLI) layout and functionality.

    2. Start considering a ‘Go Live’ date and give Intellica a heads up to avoid data corruption.

    Intellica Action Items

    1. Continue to work Sprint/Prototype 6, due Thursday, 7 March.

    2. Change ‘Baseline Questionnaire’ to ‘Initial Evaluation’.

    3. Remove the continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine combo box on the auto-PAP tab and prepare for a fresh serial number for each patient. (See item 1 under CPAP Machines above.)

    Meeting Concluded – 4:00 PM Eastern Time


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