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    A wiki for FHIR client implementors who which to use FHIR to access and interact with VA resources.

    Getting Started

    Various FHIR server are stood up and are being stood up in the VA Innovation Sandbox Cloud. This wiki serves as both the developer quick start page for developing solutions that talk FHIR to the VA as well as documenting test systems and related partner systems supporting FHIR initiatives.

    Sections of Interest

    "Use the Search Luke"

    Each wiki in the system has a very powerful search that can produce quick results as you type, extensive results after pressing return, ability to search for pages with one or more "tags" or even search all wikis in the system (100s) to which you have access. See the upper right of this web page for the search edit field. For documentation see: Searching Across a Single Wiki, Searching Across Multiple Wikis, Searching on iPhone or iPod touch.


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