Innovation Communications Portal

The Innovation Communications Portal (ICP), gateway to all things helpful in spreading our work out to the public and VA-wide. For questions contact Allison Amrhein at

Communication Methodologies and Procedures

This spreadsheet outlines methods to communicate within the Innovation Program, to internal project teams, VA-wide, VHA-wide and to the public. A point of contact (and template when available) is included for each method. This is the first stop when searching for a way to reach out.
Download file "Comms Procedures.xlsx"

Social Media

Innovations posts on VHA and VACI's Facebook and Twitter pages. Innovation Coordinators are tasked with coming up with topics for posts and sending the idea/topic to Allison. A link, photo or video are highly recommended to accompany a post. Social media posts are tracked using the spreadsheet below.

Download file "NEW Social Media Tracker.xlsx"


The Innovation Program eBook is released quarterly. Instructions on submitting ideas for these materials is featured in the Comms Procedures doc on this wiki. Contact Rocky Freudenberg with questions, at

the Innovation Station Blog

The Innovation Station blog is featured on the VHA Innovation Program intranet page and is updated on the 2nd Friday of each month. Contact Allison for information and submissions.

COMING SOON!!!The Innovation Program will release a quarterly eNewsletter starting in 2016!