Options for Mobile Device Programs


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    The three options for mobile device platforms are Secure Services BYOD, Comprehensive BYOD and Mobile Deployment. Each option is detailed below:

    1. Secure Services or “Basic” BYOD is the way BYOD is typically implemented in companies today, with an incomplete patchwork of capabilities and policies.
      • Hardware: Employees purchase devices
      • Support: Device support from cell phone or hardware provider (e.g., Apple, AT&T)
      • Infrastructure: Limited to internet connection in the workplace
    2. "Comprehensive BYOD” refers to a more strategic approach to BYOD, and features eight core capabilities companies need to harness BYOD effectively.
      • Hardware: Employees purchase devices and may or may not receive an employer stipend
      • Support: Implement community support such as wikis or online forums
      • Service Cost: The organization may provide a stipend for the cost of the device and service plan
      • Infrastructure: Includes community support and device management plan provided by the employer
    3. Conventional device deployment is the physical deployment of mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.) that will be managed and paid for by the organization
      • Hardware: Employer purchases employee devices
      • Support: The Organization needs a support or help desk for employees
      • Service Cost: The employer will pay for the cost of the service plan
      • Infrastructure: Includes the deployment and maintenance of mobile devices for each employee

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