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    Mobile Device Program Success Stories

    Private companies and government entities have seen significant benefits to implementing a mobile program, ranging from cost savings, IT network efficiencies, and increased employee satisfaction. Below is a sampling of private companies, organizations and government entities that have successfully implemented a mobile program.

    Company Program Overview Program Outcomes
    Cisco Cisco deployed a company-wide program that included more than 60,000 mobile devices. The program was made possible through BYOD program policies that allow employees easy and secure access to the corporate network and projects that focus on amplifying the user experience Despite the fact that BYOD participation has doubled in the past two years, additional IT workforce was not needed

    During that same period, the number of support caseloads dropped by more than half, yielding lower per-user costs

    Overall customer satisfaction has significantly improved, thanks to Cisco’s self-service approach to supporting personal devices through a social community
    The Ottawa Hosptial Ottawa Hospital deployed iPads across the hospital to facilitate an easier access to information for physicians, bedside appointment scheduling for patients, medication prescribing, image viewing, and other important medical tasks. Deployment of iPads across the hospital has led to increased patient interaction in their health and treatment plans

    Medical staff have experienced significant time savings by incorporating mobile technology into their clinical workflows (information access, image viewing, and drug or test ordering
    State of Delaware The State of Delaware instituted a two-year mobile reduction strategy to migrate all users off of the existing infrastructure by June 30, 2013 and move them to either a personal device through a proposed reimbursement program or to a device that runs directly through the state’s wireless carrier For the employees that have participated in the program, the State has reduced the expense associated with their devices by 45%

    The program has resulted in a 15% overall reduction of departmental wireless costs
    U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) EEOC recently implemented a BYOD pilot program that allows employees to use their own smartphones for official work purposes in order to meet urgent IT budget challenges (a 15% reduction in the agency’s budget)

    Program participants had to agree to install a third-party software on their devices, which allows the agency to manage security settings on the devices and remotely wipe devices clean of government emails and data if they are lost or stolen
    The number of BlackBerry devices dropped from 550 to 462

    Monthly recurring costs were lowered by 20-30% by optimizing the rate plans

    Seasoned workers and younger employees are able to perform administrative tasks from home by using their personal devices

    cost savings calculator spreadsheet - click for full size view

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