Applications of Mobile Devices in the Medical Setting


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    A Place for Mobile Devices in the Medical Setting

    The use of mobile devices in the medical setting has grown significantly. In 2012, the percentage of physicians using tablet computers grew from 27% to 62%, where over half of the physicians used them at the point of care. As the technology continues to integrate with the needs of the healthcare industry, medical providers will be better equipped to manage patient care.

    Benefits of Mobile Devices in the Medical Setting

    1. Reduction in paperwork and improvement in documentation and patient charting
      • Electronic medical documentation and patient charting
      • Scheduling and reminders
      • Drug and medical test ordering capabilities
    2. Access to information and improvement in care through time, energy and cost savings
      • Remote patient monitoring anywhere at anytime
      • Viewing patient information, lab results and images
      • Enabling and improving clinical decision-making
    3. Improved communication between physicans and their patients
      • Empowering patients through personal health records (PHRs) and peripherial devices
      • Secure messaging between physicians
      • Reducing risk of data breach with data encryption

    Applications of Mobile Devices for Patients and Providers

    The application of mobile devices in the medical setting is not limited to healthcare providers. Patients have seen and will continue to find numerous and growing uses for medical devices that provide them with the ability to own and manage their personal health.

    The following graphics provide a sampling of how mobile devices are benefiting both healthcare providers and patients.

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