iVetGuide - Improving our Vet's Clinical Visit Experience


Project X


The purpose of iVetGuide is to prove the utility of iPhone technology within the VA clinical environment by utilizing the iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad's unique motion / location measurement system. iVetGuide is a prototype application that provides Veterans with navigation assistance and other location / speed / direction related services to enhance the Veteran's clinical experiences.

iPhone showing compass imageDuring outpatient visits at the Medical Center Veterans are tasked to navigate to various departments for clinical procedures and various care-provider appointments. These appointments may require the Veteran to traverse the medical campus during their visit. These appointments may include visits to the radiology, rehab, prosthetics, pulmonary lab, ECG lab, pharmacy and other locations. Veterans often become lost or confused and are frequently late for appointments. These conditions frustrate Veterans, increase appointment wait times, provide negative impressions of VA health care services, and most importantly can cause delays in treatment for the Veteran.

iVetGuide intends to demonstrate how the aforementioned issues can be alleviated and prove the technology's value in the clinical setting by providing the Veteran with one-on-one automated guest services including:

  • Personal visit schedule navigation (Inside/Outside GPS, visual map, stay on the path guidance)
  • Voice rescue/assistance from the information desk

iVetGuide has the potential for additional functionality of:
  • Here & Now (drafting) - automatic appointment notification and registration based on physical proximity
  • Show Me - a visual 'look through the camera' with overlaid information called "Augmented Reality"
  • Wait Time (drafting) - real-time notification of patient wait times at the patient's appointment locations
  • Time 2 Go (drafting) - advance warning of travel times to next clinical appointment based upon current location
  • Pace Me (drafting) - adjustment of travel time estimations based upon the patients real-time measurements of gait and pace
  • Here 2 (drafting) - social networking connecting Veterans in the clinic/campus automatically
  • Survey Me (drafting) - assess patient education, preappoinment assessment, and clinical surveys
  • Pick Up (drafting) - pharmacy/prescriptions pickup notifications
  • Teach Me (drafting) - patient education via clinically distributed podcasts and vodcasts
  • Find Me (drafting) - campus patient locator, two way location (patient finds location, Doctor finds patient)
  • Support Grouping (drafting) - support group social networking
For more information on iVetGuide, please see the iVetGuide Overview

Team PoCs

  • Clinical
  • Technical
    • Mr. BC Collins
    • Bio - Mr. Louis Soriano
    • Bio - Mr. Stig Hammond
    • Bio - Mr. Tony Mateo
  • Innovation Program


  • SkyHook - XPS - XPS is a software-only location platform that can quickly determine the location of any Wi-Fi enabled mobile device with an accuracy or 10 to 20 meters. XPS synthesizes data from Skyhook's Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS), GPS satellites and Cell Towers with advanced hybrid positioning algorithms to provide location information back to the individual system user.
  • EIS/GIS On TRM - EIS and GIS related technology in use in the VA as indicated by the VA Technical Reference Model