Full Proposal Presentation Plan of Action

Who, what, where when how

  1. Need
  2. How does this benefit the Vet
  3. How can it be done
  4. Portable Devices
  5. Capable and easy to build.


Full Proposal Invitiation

We have have been invited to submit a full proposal for our innovation.
Below is the body of the email. will also include the attachments.
Download file "Innovation Initiative Finalist Presentation Template.ppt"

Download file "Instructions for Finalist Presentation.doc"
Congratulations! Over 6,000 ideas were submitted for VHA’s Innovation Initiative and yours was selected as one of the top 100 Health Information Technology (HIT) ideas! We would be delighted if you’d take the next step and submit a full proposal by April 16th, 2010. Your time, effort, and interest in developing innovative HIT ideas will lead VA’s transformation into a 21st century organization which is people-centric, results-driven, and forward-looking.

As a reminder, the information you submitted was:
ID: 280
Title: iVetGuide - Improving our Vet's Clinical Visit Experience
Description: The purpose of iVetGuide is to prove the utility of iPhone technology within the VA clinical environment by utilizing the iPhone's unique motion / location measurement system. iVetGuide is a prototype application that provides Veterans with navigation assistance and other location / speed / direction related services to enhance the Veteran's clinical experiences.
During outpatient visits at the Medical Center Veterans are tasked to navigate to various departments for clinical procedures and various care-provider appointments. These appointments may require the Veteran to traverse the medical campus during their visit. These appointments may include visits to the radiology, rehab, prosthetics, pulmonary lab, ECG lab, pharmacy and other locations. Veterans often become lost or confused and are frequently late for appointments. These conditions frustrate Veterans, increase appointment wait times, provide negative impressions of VA health care services, and most importantly can cause delays in treatment for the Veteran.
iVetGuide intends to demonstrate how the aforementioned issues can be alleviated and prove the technology's value in the clinical setting by providing the Veteran with one-on-one automated guest services including:
Personal visit schedule navigation (Inside/Outside GPS, visual map, stay on the path guidance)
Voice rescue/assistance from the information desk
iVetGuide has the potential for additional functionality of:
Here & Now - automatic appointment notification and registration based on physical proximity
Show Me - a visual 'look through the camera' with overlaid information called "Augmented Reality"
Wait Time - real-time notification of patient wait times at the patient's appointment locations
Time 2 Go - advance warning of travel times to next clinical appointment based upon current location
Pace Me - adjustment of travel time estimations based upon the patients real-time measurements of gait and pace
Here 2 - social networking connecting Veterans in the clinic/campus automatically
Survey Me - assess patient education, preappoinment assessment, and clinical surveys
Pick Up - pharmacy/prescriptions pickup notifications
Teach Me - patient education via clinically distributed podcasts and vodcasts
Find Me - campus patient locator, two way location (patient finds location, Doctor finds patient)
Support Grouping - support group social networking

We encourage you to take the next step by:
  1. Reading the attached Word instructions for helpful guidelines on drafting your proposal.
  2. Using the attached Power Point template for your proposal.
  3. Submitting your proposal by April 16, 2010 to: <> .
Once you’ve submitted your proposal, it will be sent to an interdisciplinary and distinguished Review Committee who will select approximately 25 ideas for funding.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your proposal submission, please contact the VHA Innovation Program staff at: <> .

We appreciate your commitment to innovation. Thank you for submitting your HIT idea and once again, congratulations!

If you are interested in keeping up with the latest from the VHA Innovation Program, please sign up for our listserv at: <>


Status Update


Just to bring everyone up to date.

First the disappointing news...

We are on the original plan for using 2009/2010 dollars for the project. The potential of being able to leverage the 2008/2009 dollars fell through mainly because:
  1. Greenfield Indeed could spend all the money and then some, no need for help on meeting budget goals
  2. Procurement when into gridlock on 15-July and did not recover before end of FY09.

The current list of pre-conditions for providing funding to Project X and the Future Tech initiative as a whole include:
  • Future Technology - Statement of Operations
  • Future Technology - Project Management Plan
  • Future Technology - Exploratorium Project Plan
  • Future Technology - Exploratorium Design Document
  • Future Technology - Exploratorium White Paper (in progress, highest priority now)
  • Future Technology - Introduction Presentation (in progress, Zee, Gail and all contributors, thanks!)
  • Future Technology - Exploratorium Presentation

We are also spinning up another round of GreenField funding but I will attempt to have as little interaction with that as possible and focus Future Technology, Collaboration Tools and the Sandbox.

When I have a better idea of timing and actual requirements before funding for Project X is released, I will relay on this blog. Right now Procurement is still trying to satisfy GreenField Innovators who were stalled. I will do my best to work around that.

And the Encouraging News...

Lately we have made some forward motion:
  • BC has an app under development for testing out the wifi location services
  • Shawn and Jason have taken an iPhone 101 development course.
    • Shawn is talking about offering a large scale one at VACO this coming FY10!!
  • The first iPhone Developer's BoF Meeting was held in VACO yesterday (as a Brown Bag Lunch)
    • small, as a test, included Jason Carley, Ralph Strenglein
    • more are planned, likely bi-monthly
    • Introduced all to Project X
    • Anticipate many iPhone app ideas and projects spinning from this BoF
    • Anticipate potentially a large community if training is offered

Finally the current tasking... (incomplete)

Team Member
Bill Cerniuk (related) Creation of Future Technology - White Paper Bill Cerniuk first draft to wiki and solicit comment & input from Project X team in process
Bill Cerniuk Project X Equipment Dr. David Lin Pursuing order through VHA Innovation Program and Future Technology budget on hold
Bill Cerniuk (related)
Future Technology - Introduction Presentation
Bill Cerniuk development of presentation that outlines Future Technology and gains understanding of mission and goals of the initiative under the VHA Innovation Program in order to gain support for Innovation and Innovators bringing in new and immature technologies for evaluation. on hold
Bill Cerniuk Project X Equipment Dr. David Lin Compilation of a list of equipment necessary for the development and evaluation of Project X complete
BC Collins Radio Signal Location Capability Evaluation BC Collins sample application up and operational, making mods to experiment with capabilities of using all of cell tower triangulation, wifi access point (AP) triangulation, satellite GPS location and considering use of BlueTooth as well as high frequency audio beacons. Experimenting with the global SkyHook database to add VAMC points for use transparently by the iPhone OS in process
Dr. Paul Diggs
Stig Hammond
Dr. David Lin Project X Equipment Dr. David Lin Compilation of a list of equipment necessary for the development and evaluation of Project X compete
Zelia Taylor-Pearson (related)
Future Technology - Introduction Presentation
Bill Cerniuk development of presentation that outlines Future Technology and gains understanding of mission and goals of the initiative under the VHA Innovation Program in order to gain support for Innovation and Innovators bringing in new and immature technologies for evaluation. on hold
Dr. Divya Shroff
Louis Soriano


Meeting - Biweekly Status Minutes

Meeting Status Items:

Date: 8/3/09

iPhone Testing

Dr. Divya Shroff has tested the resilient of the iPhone screen and it has shown to be fragile. In her research Dr. Shroff has researched various case options that could protect the screen and body of the iPhone/iPod Touch. Dr. Shroff has also found that there is a new service via the Apple store to replace screens, while the customer waits, for $199.

Programatic Milestones

BC Collins has developed a list of programmatic milestones for the project as he works on the source code. See link. BC Explained that the application beginning is to become the "Site Mapper" application to be used by facilities management. See Programatic Milestones for more information.

The next big thing is to integrate visual facility maps. This will allow us to visually provide a reference for the WiFi access point locations and the location of the patient user in a building.


Dr. Divya Shroff provided some security issue links. Ms.Zelia Taylor-Pearce identified the liability of being in the news.

Action Items:

  • Dr. Shroff has offered to champion the visual site map acquisition effort
  • Dr. Shroff will try to get the blueprints of the DC VAMC (png format)
  • Bill Cerniuk will try to ascertain if VACO is a candidate based upon all of the wifi access points available and installed.
  • Dr. Diggs will try to obtain Northport VAMC blueprints (png format)
  • Zee Taylor-Pearson will work with Bill Cerniuk on preparing a iPhone security concerns statement
  • Bill Cerniuk will work with Dr. Lin on finfshing Project X purchasing document


NSTask Deprecated in 3.0 OS

As a method of scanning access points for use in adding them to the SkyHook DB, I was thinking that calling the airport utility would be the way to go. To counter this, NSTask (the means to execute airport) was deprecated from the 3.0 iPhone OS. Using Google's GData Objective-C Library (which now works with iPhone) seems to be promising... it may allow the use of airport utility)...

*I believe there is a 3rd Party API that will allow scanning as well but, I'd like to try it myself without paying for this functionality first....


New Project Debrief Post WWDC

Dr. Divya Shroff and Mr. Wm. Cerniuk attended the Apple World Wide Developer's Conference during the week of --June 2009. During this conference an iPhone product which captured not only EKG data and displayed it, but also lab information and several other data patient critical care touch points, namely Airstrip CC:

"The AirStrip Technologies platform securely delivers critical patient information, including virtual real-time waveform data, directly from hospital monitoring systems to a doctor or nurse’s smart phone, laptop or desktop. The platform is completely reusable, scalable and data independent, and can be employed throughout the healthcare enterprise. The AirStrip service is provided to physicians by the hospital."

With this announcement and with the announcements of new technologies, the iEKG project was abandoned in favor of a project that touches the Veteran directly and improves their experience when seeking healthcare in the VA network.

Listen to the attached podcast for the full meeting and barnstorming session on Project X.

Click to play