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iVetGuide - Improving our Vet's Clinical Visit Experience

[projectx.png] Idea The purpose of iVetGuide is to prove the utility of iPhone technology within the VA clinical environment by...

Equipment Requirements

Below is a list of design and development equipment definitions and requirements for iVetGuide. For clarity, Development efforts include design but ...

Full Proposal

Link to Instructions [Download file "IVetGuide_3.ppt"] [Download file "TimeMag.jpg"] [Download file "patient_visit3.mp4"][Download fi...

Slide 7 - Technical Approach

Text Body Our approach involves creating custom applications for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad to provide Veterans with navigatio...

Pictures and iPhone Mockups.

[image] Click for full-size image floorplans [7497d.png][sdk_hero.png] [D...

Slide 2 - Problem Statement

[Download file "patient_visit2.mp4"] [Download file "patient_visit3.mp4"] Related [Download file "Slide 2.ppt"] [Downloa...

Slide 1 - Title Slide

Related [Download file "Slide 1.ppt"] "You are here!"

Slide 16 - Video

Related [Download file "Slide 16.ppt"]

Slide 15 - What do I really think?

Related [Download file "Slide 15.ppt"]

Slide 14 - Supporting Diagrams

Related [Download file "Slide 14.ppt"]

Slide 13 - Challenges and Risks

Related [Download file "Slide 13.ppt"]

Slide 12 - Budget Proposal

Related [Download file "Slide 12.ppt"]

Slide 11 - Budget Narrative

Related [Download file "Slide 11.ppt"]

Slide 10 - Timeline

Related [Download file "Slide 10.ppt"]

Slide 9 - Implementation

Related [Download file "Slide 9.ppt"]

Slide 8 - Team Environment

Related [Download file "Slide 8.ppt"]

Slide 6 - Impacts

Related [Download file "Slide 6.ppt"]

Slide 5 - Success Metrics

Related [Download file "Slide 5.ppt"]

Slide 4 - Strategic Goals

Related [Download file "Slide 4.ppt"]

Slide 3 -Description of Idea

[image] Related [Download file "Slide 3.ppt"] [image]